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Anthony Nolan                                                                 Launch of state-of-the-art cord blood stem cell storage facility 

Cambridge Weight Plan                                                 Media positioning and placement for rebranded weight plan

The Guild of Healthwriters                                            Support for the Healthwriter of the year awards

HealthTalkOnline                                                             Press, media relations and publicity for this essential website

JLA                                                                                      Media support and strategy for OTEX range of ozone washers 

Phil Parker's Lightning Process                                  Media management and feature placement 

LighterLife                                                                          Brand-building and awareness of nationwide weight loss network

Lipotrim                                                                              Media support for national weight loss brand

National Concern for Healthcare Infections             Now the predominant superbug patient group in UK media

Natural and Organic Products Europe                       Europe's largest trade show in its field

Roz Savage                                                                       Media support for adventurer and environmentalist Pacific Ocean rower



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